Welcome to Def-Logic Productions. Def-Logic is the production brand for game designer Brent Silby.

Brent Silby games are retro-themed and arcade-styled. The games are written in Javascript and implemented through dhtml and/or html5. With an ongoing commitment to producing new games based on the popular formula of the arcade, Brent Silby games fill a niche in the modern videogame market.

These games are indexed on dozens of popular game sites and have enjoyed a pleasing level of popularity over the years. The older games require keyboard input, but recent games are designed for touch control.

Visitors to this site are welcome to play the games online. The full catalog of games can be viewed, and played for free, by visiting the games page.

Brent Silby's current project is the design of a range of real money games for the Lootwinner brand and Cerebral Fix.

Feel free to email if you have any questions or comments regarding the games or articles on this site.
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